Thursday, April 7, 2011

The nauseating argument from nausea

Danke, Herr Ludwig for being a catalyst to my hot caffeine fix this morning. Instead of hearing positive news from my home town, I find a caustic wasteland of hatred and ignorance spewing from your mouth.
My contention has always been that the more a religion emerges as oppressive and absurd, the more humorous and ironic it becomes. (I don't make the assumption that Herr Ludwig is Mormon). Must I expose the irony of Brother Evan's unlettered statement of gays (as if they are a collective) trying to solicit kids into their 'lifestyle'? Must I point out to him that his church has one of the largest proselytizing/recruiting programs that they are so fond of boasting about? Must I present to Bruder Evan the feeble and fatuous attempts of Evergreen International in trying to turn gays into straight-loving-tithe-paying-Boyd K. Packer - fawning Saints the the great Jehovah wishes them to be?

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